How it Works

Skippers Ticket: How it Works

Getting your skippers ticket couldn’t be easier.

Skippers Ticket Perth provides a simple, one stop, solution to your skippers ticket training.

Steps to getting your Recreational Skippers Ticket:

  1. Make a booking using our instant Book Now feature; select a time and location that suits you!
  2. Study for the Theory Test. Information will be provided via email after booking. Be sure to check out the Skippers Ticket Quiz website and the Skippers Ticket EDU page for more information.
  3. Test your knowledge at Skippers Ticket Quiz or at the Department of Transports Online Quiz 
  4. Meet our trainer at the location of your choice, ensure you bring the appropriate ID and paperwork. The list of up-to-date ID and paperwork requirements can be found at Skipper Ticket EDU.
  5. Sit the theory exam (usually takes less than 30 minutes).
  6. Once you have passed the theory exam you will begin your practical assessment with the trainer. They will demonstrate and teach you how to do the 11 required practical tests. Once you have completed this you will be issued your RST certificate. The Department of Transport will mail your plastic RST card to you.
  7. Brag to your friends on Facebook.

At Skippers Ticket Perth we are happy to assist our students in any way we can. We are also happy to customise our training approaches to meet the individual needs of all our customers. We have over a dozen fully qualified Master Class trainers working for us, with decades of experience reading to answer any question you have about boating. Our trainers are familiar with the waters in which they teach in. We know the Swan/Canning estuary better than anyone. We know the things you need to know but might not know to ask and we tell you. We don’t do the bare minimum.

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Skippers Ticket Practical Assessment Demonstration: